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What Makes Artificial Grass a Good Choice

No matter the region or climate you live in, we all want a lush, beautiful lawn to enjoy with friends, family or pets. What makes artificial grass a good choice is the many year-round benefits it provides. Synthetic turf minimizes the carbon footprint by eliminating the need for watering, mowing and fertilizers while providing a permanent sea of green.

There are many great ways to install and use artificial turf. Putting greens, pet grasses, playgrounds and lawns are all practical installations that deliver long lasting results. Most manufactures offer a 15-year warranty on the grass and many times, 25 plus years is not out the realm of life expectancy. There is up front cost that initially make artificial turf out the price range for most but within 8 years the savings will start to overcome the up-front cost, saving you thousands in the long run.

Synthetic turf before and after installation

Zero Watering Required

Watering is become problematic, especially in dry, arid climates like Southern California and Arizona. But watering issues aren’t limited to these areas alone, according to new studies that are researched by the University of Florida and the Florida Department of Agriculture, certain areas in Florida have sufficient fresh water for the next 15-20 years only. Watering restrictions are becoming a nation-wide issue that needs addressing.

Artificial turf eliminates the need for any watering, zero, none, never ever. If you have pets, the only time you’ll use water is to give it a weekly rinse off and this is very minimal. Outside of xeriscaping you really can’t find an easy, low to zero watering landscape that delivers the look of natural, healthy grass or plants like fake grass.

Zero Mowing Necessary

Mowing has always been a dreaded weekly choir that can take precious hours away from everyday life or money paid towards a maintenance crew. Not only is it a sweaty, time consuming choir but it requires mowers that put out as much as ten times the carbon emissions that vehicles produce. Recently the government has issued emission regulations on all vehicles and most manufacturers are offering electric options. Nothing significant has been put into action for mowers and maintenance equipment to regulate these emissions.

Installing a fake grass lawn eliminates the need of mowing which is beneficial for not only the environment, but your pocket as well. The money saved on equipment needed for maintenance or the cost of hiring a service company to maintain it on a weekly basis adds up over time.

Zero Fertilizers Needed

Maintaining a healthy lawn is a tough task, and it usually boils down to three components, two of which we’ve covered, watering and mowing but the third is fertilization. There are numerous issues that can take place in the lawn, different deficiencies, pest and fungus’s can pop up at any moment and require immediate attention to minimize damage. Many people will turn to fertilizers and chemicals to treat these and other issues on a monthly or bi monthly basis.

These chemicals can seep into the water table or sediments can runoff into ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers and damage our fresh water sources. This is harmful and leads to further carbon emissions needed to clean and filter through these water sources. Outside of the environmental impact is the cost of the chemicals, they add up over time too.

Synthetic grass requires zero fertilizers. Never worry about pest, fungus’s or damaged areas that will lead to re sodding in the future. By eliminating the needs of harmful fertilizers and chemicals you can save 100s of dollars a year!

Lake Mary Artificial Turf Before and After

The Savings Add Up

Between the cost of maintenance or the equipment need to perform the task yourself, fertilization and watering needed to maintain a healthy lawn you can save hundreds and maybe thousands each year with an artificial grass lawn.

Let’s say the average maintenance fee is $100 a month for a full lawn, the monthly watering is $40 and monthly fertilization is $50. The total would add up to be $1,200 for the mowing, $480 for watering and $600 for the fertilization. That’s $2,280 a year in up keep plus the time and struggle. Not to mention the cost needed for the occasional re-sodding of damaged areas and or equipment needed and any repair bills that come along the way.

Most people aren’t installing artificial turf throughout the entire property so lets say you’re using it in the backyard only. This would cut cost down by half!

It’s easy to see all the amazing benefits that installing an artificial lawn brings to the table. And with the many uses it has, this is the way to go for a long lasting, healthier and beautiful outdoor landscape.