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Artificial Grass for Dogs & Pets

Homeowners, pet lovers, dog breeders, veterinary clinics, shelters and animal rescue centers of Central Florida – meet you NEW best friend!

Synthetic turf and artificial lawns are not only great for high traffic, dense shade and low watering situations…they are extremely pet-friendly.

Many rescue centers, vet clinics and home owners have multiple animals that create wear and tear on their lawns and grass areas. Even with the very best quality, natural turf grasses it’s difficult to eliminate worn paths, ruts and bare areas of lawn. In many cases, it’s simply impossible to eliminate these trouble areas with natural lawn applications.

Artificial grass for pet areas is the best way to eliminate the need to replace or re-sod lawns over and over. And synthetic turf looks just as good on day 900 as it did on day 1!

There are many great benefits to installing an artificial lawn for your pets. The top reason to install pet turf is that it will last many, many years without needing to be replaced. This alone can save thousands of dollars over the life of your artificial pet lawn.

Turf Benefits

Quality at every stage

No more bare patches, ruts or worn paths from pets.


  • Pet-friendly playing enviroment
  • Safe for man’s best friend
  • Low-maintenance
  • Conserves water usage
  • No more pesticides or fertilizers
  • Soft and itch-free!

Artificial Pet Turf Will Have You (& Fido) Jumping for Joy!

For those with smaller lawns where, animals run back and forth and create bare spots, installing pet turf will make you jump for joy. No more dirty animals to hose off before coming inside. No more headaches and cost of re-sodding every one to two years. Artificial pet turf is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Installing a pet lawn in Central Florida not only looks great year round, but makes for easy clean up. Simply pick after your pet with a plastic bag and use an odor removal disinfectant to clean the surface. Run your sprinkler system once a week to rinse off the surface.

This is an easy, maintenance-free option for any level of pet or animal owner.

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