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Orlando Landscape Services

When trying to design a a well landscaped environment there are many elements to take into consideration. Some of these elements contain soft escaping with plants and trees. Other elements consist of hard scape in which include gravel stone, flagstone and paving concepts. Then there are other elements such as outdoor accents with pergolas or maybe some landscape lighting to highlight these features. Whenever the desired outcome for your Orlando landscaping project we are here to help you. We have extensive knowledge with all of these projects and many different products here locally available to us.

We can create custom outdoor accents to add on to your already existing landscaping features or create an entirely new look for you that may contain one or several different elements. What separates us from the rest is not only our knowledge and know-how but the fact that we are able to combine multiple projects into one big package saving you money.

Give us a call today to schedule reappointment with one of our landscaping consultants. We will take a look at the land, the soil conditions and the sunlight conditions as well as your desired team. Once we have all this in mind we can create and craft the landscape environment of your dreams. You no longer have to drive by saying oh that’s a nice property, the reality will be yours.

Landscaping Design and Installation Orlando

There are many different themes to choose from when it comes to landscaping. Some of these themes can be a formal landscape environment, a tropical design, Mediterranean themed or simply a wild cottage look. The beautiful thing about living in Orlando is our wide range of plants we have available to us. We have great options that will survive and full sun and other options that will survive and full shade. That’s what were here for, to help you determine what’s right for you.

We take in consideration the things like your house color or your existing landscaping to determine what would best fit within your environment. We have many different groundcovers to look at, different flowering plants as well as evergreen plants. Choose from flowering trees and non-flowering trees, palm trees big and tall. There’s even low maintenance drought tolerant options available for the minimalist.

Landscape Design Themes

Since we have many plan options here in Orlando there are several different design ideas we can craft for you. Important elements that go into this designing process are soil and sunlight conditions. This will also help us determine what is available to you that has a high success rate within your conditions. Options that are available on the coastal side won’t be available for those that are on a lake. Stuff for more acidic soils won’t make it in alkaline soils. This is what we specialize in and we pride ourselves on coming up with the best design idea that will last for years to come.

Tropical Design

We have many bold color options available to us for tropical designs, colors like bright reds and oranges, yellows and pinks. Small palms and big palms are also incorporated to really give the tropical oasis five that you desire. This is among some of the low maintenance options we have available to us. Tropical designs tend to thrive in our environment. We even can have options that require no trimming even once full maturity has been reached. Many of these plants are in the Croton family, the ti family, birds of paradise, and many more.

Mediterranean Design

Bring your own little slice of the Mediterranean into your landscaping theme. Colors like red, light pink and blues mesh well with tall and short evergreens like cypresses, junipers and cedars. All of these go really well with ornamental grasses to really enhance that overall looked at were trying to capture. Beautiful Italian cypresses and Spartan junipers at great height to this steam. The beautiful thing about a Tuscany design is you can even incorporate herbs into the garden and overall design.

Cottage Design

For those who are naturalist and wonderfully mature landscape to be wild and really embrace nature at its purest environment this is the theme for you. Wispy and flowy plants can hang down and sprout from all around creating a very playful and environment. Kings mantels, camellias, azaleas and much more go so well into this playful surrounding. Take it to the next level with flowering trees such as red buds and chaste trees. Were here for all of your wildest dreams.

Formal Landscape Design

If you’re looking for the million-dollar look this is the design for you. Once the desired heights have been achieved create a even lines that are crisp and flush throughout the entire row of hedges. Plants like boxwoods, ligustrum, loropedulum and gold mounds are perfect for this environment. You can have straight, even boxes and round hedges that blend with spherical plants such as eugenius.

Landscape Mulch Contractor Orlando

Once we have designed and installed the landscape garden of your dreams is now time to find a bedding for the beds. A great option for a landscape bedding is mulch. Most will lock in the moisture and help keep weed control to a minimal. There’s many different types of mulches to choose from as well. Such choices are eucalyptus mulch, cypress mulch, pine bark, and pine needles. There’s also different color schemes available as well. Our landscaping contractors are here to help decide what with look best at your property.

Eucalyptus Mulch

Eucalyptus mulch is an organic and one of the better, healthier options. This mulch is naturally harvested from sustainable eucalyptus fields. For those caring about the environment this is a great sustainable option.It naturally repels away insects giving a healthier environment for your landscape.

Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch comes in many different colors that are available. You can choose from colors such as red, light red, tan, chocolate brown and natural. This mulch is also another great option for locking and moisture and keeping weed growth to a minimal.

Pine Bark

Pine bark comes from the shavings of pine trees once they been harvested. It’s colors are natural and will provide your landscaping environment with an almost more natural feel to the bedding.

Pine Needles

Pine needles are a great option for those with a natural landscape environment. They break down over time and expel acid into the soil boosting the acidity levels. This is great for many plants such as gardenias, magnolias, camellias, azaleas, dogwoods and many more varieties. The best thing about pine needles is no additive colorants and it is a completely natural products.. There’s no issues with sustainability and it’s 100% organic.

Outdoor Accent Architect Orlando

Take your landscaping environment to the next level with other elements such as pergolas and gazebos. These are great ways to really complete and combined soft scape with hard scape design ideas. When laying out the design we can build and install a custom pergola that will go great around a patio or in the middle of the lawn area possibly with a walkway patio leading up to it.

Rock’s Gravel and Flagstone Orlando

Another great option for a landscape bedding is rock gravel stone. There are many different perks for using a rock gravel stone as a bedding material. The colors never fade so you don’t have to replace it is often as you would mulching products. Some mulching and other bedding materials come with issues such as past and funguses, with rock gravel stone you don’t have these issues.

There are other great elements to bring out with rock as well such as flagstone walkways, patios and boulders. With rock elements you can bring a fun playful landscaping environment into the fold. This is a great way to incorporate the soft touch of plants and trees with a hard elements of rocks and stones. Come see how our landscape contractors are able to help incorporate these different design teams to deliver you the ultimate package.

Landscape Lighting Company Orlando

After we designed and installed your plants, the landscape bedding and any outdoor accents that you may be looking at, it’s time to highlight those features with some great landscape lighting. We are here to help you choose from composite, brass and copper lighting options to give you the best bang for your buck.

Highlight tall trees or cypresses with some great up lighting. Or maybe highlight that fantastic flagstone walkway that we installed with great path lighting. Whatever features your landscaping environment holes we can help create a great lighting experience.

Landscape lighting is an amazing feature to your outdoor environment but one of the biggest perks is the safety that it will provide your house. With a well lit house burglars will be deterred from approaching creating an extra sense of security for your home or office.