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Orlando Rock, Mulch & Flagstone Installation

Since 2010 From The Ground Up Landscaping has provided Orlando with many varieties of quality rock, stones, gravel and flagstone products. We incorporate many different size and colors stones to blend with any landscape style and or home or office color. There are many different ways to bring several unique elements into your landscaping environment. Choosing a natural rock stone product will help achieve this look.

Enhance the beauty of your lawn with a flagstone walkway or create low maintenance flower beds with rock gravel stone. You can also incorporate several natural stone elements all in one landscape. Combining rock gravel with a boulder even set the tone further.

Rock Gravel Stone Installation Orlando

Highlight and boost the appeal of current landscaping beds with natural rock stone. Natural rock stone provides a bedding to cover your soil that will never fade in time. Unlike products such as mulch that hold leaves or provide homes for pest, or fading colors within a year. Rock gravel stone will maintain its color year-round and is easy to blow off, giving a crisp, clean bedding look that you desire. Another perk for rock gravel stone is it doesn’t provide shelter or food for pest or fungus’s.

Whether you’re looking for a new flower bed installation and are entertaining the idea of rock we would be more than glad to help you. Or even if you’re looking to install rock within your current bed, no matter your desire, we’re here to help. We can also bundle packages with plants or any other landscape elements that you crave. We will help pick out the best color scheme for your rock garden as well is the best sizes.

Rock Color’s And Size’s

Choose rocks and stones with beautiful hues of gray, brown, blue and beige to achieve the ultimate look. Incorporate different sizes ranging from 1/2″ pea gravel up to 12 inch stones for your flower beds. Really stand out by using boulders to bring out depth within your design

Flagstone Walkway Stones Orlando

Create beautiful natural flagstone walkways that can be both practical and fun. We can design and install adventurous pathways that wrap around your backyard. Or even for more practical uses, install a walkway from a gate to the patio screen door. For those that want to create a permanent rock surface with a natural look, flagstone is the ideal option for this. Flagstone can also be used on fireplaces.

Our landscape design experts are here to help you in any way possible to bring out the best of your landscaping environment. We will work diligently to bring softscape and hardscape designs together. With our help in your dream ideas we can craft an envious backyard of your dreams.

Gravel Driveway Installation Orlando

Maybe you have the driveway made of dirt, maybe it’s in addition to your concrete driveway or you just flat out desire a gravel driveway, we’ve got you covered. We can use economical recycle concrete materials or give you a color theme driveway. No matter what ideas you have we can come up with great ideas to deliver the best results.