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FTGU Blog: Seasonal Care

Choosing a Type of Sod for Your Needs

Choosing a type of sod for your needs can be a tricky task to tackle.When it comes to choosing the right type of sod there are many different varieties to inquire. Many factors may come into play when choosing the...

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Landscaping with Perennial Plants

Spring is nearly here and what better way to celebrate it than hitting the gardens and installing some colorful perennials to brighten up the lawn. Perennial plants are the backbone of every landscaping garden project. Unlike annuals they die back...

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How to Irrigate Your Orlando Lawn

After learning how to properly mow your lawn, the next step (possibly the most important as well) to ensuring a healthy lawn is a proper watering regimen. You can fertilize, sharpen blades, switch mowing patterns and follow every instruction to...

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Seasonal Care

Many perennials are better left standing over the winter than cutting them down. There are several reasons for this. In addition to many of the perennials having attractive foliage and/or seed heads, they offer food resources for birds. Many birds...

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