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Orlando Artificial Grass & Turf Installation

Welcome to From The Ground Up Landscaping, we are Central Florida’s go to commercial and residential artificial grass installers and we are more than happy to help guide you in choosing and installing the right synthetic turf for your want and needs. What separates us from other companies in Central Florida is we provide not one or two manufacturers, but several manufacturers products. Pet turfs, playground safety surface, sports fields, putting greens and low maintenance lawns are some of the many ways we can help.

Synthetic turf before and after installation

Synthetic Turf For Everyone

Some of us are love the fresh smell of fresh cut grass but struggle to maintain the lawn, some people want to find a place to shave off a point or two from their putting scores. Then there are those with many animals, maybe from rescue centers or veterinary offices, that need space for them to run while causing the least damage. Our Orlando artificial grass installers are here to help. We have dozens of products, blades heights and colors to choose from. With our knowledge, guidance and service you’ll receive the look you want.

Artificial Grass For Pets

synthethic pet grass service orlando floridaDog breeders, veterinary clinics, shelters, animal rescue centers and plain Jane homeowners meet you new best friend. Synthetic turf is great for high traffic, dense shade and low watering situations.

Many rescue centers, vet clinics and home owners have multiple animals that create wear and tear the lawn. Even with the best quality turf grasses it’s difficult to eliminate worn paths, ruts and bare patches of lawn. Artificial grass for pet areas is the best way to eliminate replacing the lawn over and over. Synthetic turf looks just as good on day 900 as it did on day 1.

There are many great benefits to installing an artificial lawn for your pets. The top reason to install pet turf is it will last many many years without needing to be replaced. This alone can save thousands of dollars throughout the life of the artificial pet lawn.

For those with smaller lawns where animals run back and forth and create bare spots in the grass, installing pet turf with make you jump for joy. No more dirty animals to hose off before coming inside every time. No more headaches and cost of re-sodding every one to two years. Artificial pet turf is the solution you have been waiting for.

Installing a pet lawn in Orlando not only looks great year round, but makes for easy clean up. Simply pick up the fesses with a plastic bag and use an odor removal disinfectant to clean the surface.  There are many products to install to help eliminate odors from urine and fesses as well. Run your sprinkler system once a week to rinse off any urine on the surface. This is an easy maintenance free option for any level of animal owner.

Artificial Putting Green Installers Orlando

Synthethis Turf Putting Green InstallersUp your overall performance by shaving off strokes in your putting game. Lets be honest, there are many areas where any level of experienced golfer can go wrong. For some, it’s the drive or approach but we’re under the impression it’s the putting game that dooms most.

Coming from personal experience, putting greens with slopes and breaks boost your overall game tremendously. Whether you’re trying to win the weekend competition with friends or to take your game to the next level, there’s no better putting simulation than owning a custom artificial putting green.

For the monthly or weekend golf warrior we can install simple two or three hole putting green without too much play with breaks and slopes. Or for the pros who need the challenge of changing terrain, harsh breaks and sand traps are a great way to test and sharpen your skills. Our artificial putting and chipping greens will simulate changing speeds, curves and spins to really challenge all levels of players. What better way than spending your weekend shaving off a few strokes on your golf game. Our Orlando putting green installers will promise you’ll love every minute of it.

Orlando Artificial Playground Grass Installers

synthetic playground grass service orlandoYou’re at the point were you’ve selected the perfect playground to install but now, what product should you use for fall safety. Some use mulch, sand or rubber mulch, none of these compare to the durability and longevity of synthetic turf.

Mulch fades, blows away and splinters off creating more issues in the long run. Sand blows away over time. Rubber mulch is a great option but falls a little short when it comes to the life expectancy and tends to heat up in the Central Florida sun.